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Thread: Converting old negatives to digital

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    Question Converting old negatives to digital

    I just went to Longs and they told me that they nor Kodak will process old 110 and 126 (Instamatic) negatives anymore. I'd like to convert probably less than a dozen old negatives to digital as well as prints. I've found a couple of places on the Internet, but they require minimum orders of $50 or more. Is there anywhere locally that can do this?

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    I've never seen this sort of film but a little googling and I'm very intrigued. Would love to see the photos if you ever work this out. Have you tried asking at Rainbow Photo Lab? It doesn't say anything on their website but they might know someone else.

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    Try King Digital in Kakaako. Or Hawaii Pacific Photo. They both have scanning services available.

    I believe 126 Instamatic is actually about the same size as 35mm film. 110 was about the size of 16mm.

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    I converted my old 35mm negatives to digital using my scanner. I don't see why that wouldn't work with instamatic etc. negatives. Also, you might try calling a place called Media Systems located on Bishop St. to see if they can help you - maybe with a reference? I know they have also converted old pics to digital.

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    I have an older Scanjet that is supposed to be able to handle slides and negatives, but the transparent media adapter (TMA) isn't working and doesn't light up. I do have a bunch of slides that I would like to process too, but the cost might be an issue. I'm going to try an online service first. I've just mailed 4 negative strips for them to process. I'll see how these work out first then I might check locally to see if the prices are comparable. I went with Comes out to about a buck per image scan, so this one will cost me about $12 plus shipping. I'll post a link to the scans of the negatives when they're pau.

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    Flatbed scanners don't have the dynamic range and sensitivity required to get detail from the denser portions of negatives and transparencies.

    The Nikon Coolscan and similar equipment dedicated to the task are much better suited for this, especially if its for archival purposes.

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