Harry Kalas, longtime Hall-of-Fame Philadelphia sports broadcaster, died today. He was 73.

Does anyone remember that he got his start in Hawaii over forty years ago? IIRC he left the military & got hired at KGU to broadcast high school sports. I can still hear his distinctive voice giving us his fantastic play-by-play. Of course, he expanded his repertoire to include all local sports.

Eventually left for Houston, then Philadelphia.

Some years ago, the Sports Illustrated wrote articles outlining famous sports celebrities of all 50 States. In the Hawaii write-up, of course, Duke, Jesse, Nakama, Kono, etc. were all mentioned. I wish I'd kept that issue.

In Hawaii broadcasting, Harry Kalas was not mentioned while Monday Night Football's Al Michaels was. My e-mail to make them aware of their omission ended up in the Letters to the Editor section - rewritten / embellished by SI. I wish I'd kept that issue, too.