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Thread: A little vintage Journey trivia and music

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    How did Journey get their name?
    I'd forgotten this factoid until it was mentioned in the preamble to the '74 concert just issued today on
    I saw this version of Journey about a year later, minus the 2nd guitarist, and they were obviously tired of the grind or music, or something, as they really sucked. This is a much better show and way different from what most think today of Journey. Better in some ways, but the pop-ish Perry stuff is much more popular.

    Hit 'concert vault', pick the show, sing up, and enjoy.

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    Not many people remember or even acknowledge the first three Journey albums, and yet they're quite good. Far from the poppiness they would eventually become known for, still showing strains of the obvious Santana influences from Schon and Rolie. At times it makes me wish radio would play some of those early songs, but we all know that'll never happen.

    I'll say this: if and when Steve Perry ever reunites with the group for a tour, I know there will be a collective sigh in the middle of the Pacific.

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    To this day Spaceman is still my favorite Journey Song
    I wish I could find this CD In the Beginningthe first three Journey albums on one disc
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    Listen to KEITH AND THE GIRL

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