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Thread: 'Rogue' solar PV systems

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    Exclamation 'Rogue' solar PV systems

    State investigates illegal photovoltaic systems
    With Oahu in a solar power crunch, homeowners are going rogue, turning their panels on without permission from Hawaiian Electric Co. HECO says photovoltaic systems connected without approval are dangerous, but six months after acknowledging the issue, nothing has been done to try and stop it. HECO says it still wants to educate the public and work with the solar companies, even though the rules are clear on when customers are allowed to turn their PV systems on.

    Presumably this is an issue only in hybrid systems (most systems) where a house remains on the grid but supplements via PV? I would hope that if you had a large enough PV system to be completely off the grid, HECO would have no say on whether you could use it?

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    Aina Haina reported a number of roof mounted solar systems being torn off roofs and hurled across the areas last week, this is generally an unrecognized hazard, and I know many units are mounted only for basic securement, not high winds.

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    One of the main reasons for having solar panels is so "The Man" can't turn you off.

    However the interface between your system and the grid may require two separate systems.

    Building a system at home takes patience but is well worth the effort.

    Making a canoe is difficult but worth the work.



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