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Thread: America - August 7

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    Smile America - August 7

    AMERICA coming to town for one show at Blaisdel, Aug 7. Ventura Highway, Tin Man, Three Roses. Acoustic and harmonies. I got my tickets today. Memories of hitchhiking cross-country in the 70's. I'm really looking forward to this show.

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    Weren't they here in concert less than a year ago?


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    I've been hearing a sampling of "A Horse with No Name," lately, but I can't put my finger where I've been hearing it.

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    Enjoyed the show. These guys have 28 albums so, yes, there is some unmemorable material. The stuff that's good is great. They opened, appropriately, with "Riverside" the first cut from the first album. Listened to these guys for almost 40 years, it was great to finally see them live.

    As a bonus, Hapa did a warm-up set. You could tell they enjoyed playing to the arena crowd when their usual venue is a club. Such clean, intricate guitar playing was quite enjoyed by this spectator.


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