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Thread: Lemonade stand shut down

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    Default Lemonade stand shut down

    I'd like your opinions

    Not long found out that an eight year old child had invented several ways of making lemonade. She set up a stand and her plan was to raise money to go to Disneyland.
    The City of Tulare shut down Daniela Earnests stand because she didn't have a business licence. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken up this matter and I only hope that some persons will come up with the cash to send that enterprising young person there.
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    Here's the news story and it looks like Daniela and her family will get to go to Disneyland via donated tickets.

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    I love how this same basic story comes around every so often, and generates the same basic commentary. A quick Google search turns up:

    • Mikaela Ziegler and (7) Annika Ziegler (4) in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2003
    • Natasha, 20, Avra, 16, and Yovela, 10 in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2004
    • Dominic Serino (9) and Ryan Decker (11) in Salem, Massachusetts in 2005

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    Yup, just another way to win the 'lottery' - via 'reality' advertising.
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    That kid might be from the movie Orphan.


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