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Thread: what if Matson stopped?

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    Default what if Matson stopped?

    like any company they come and go, and while Matson isn't the only ocean-wide transportation it's been the big boy in Hawaii forever, they are for profit and profits are diminishing with not much more room to keep upping prices. they have 0 loyalty to this State, their loyalty is to money and eventually they'll leave in one way or another, then what? are there other companies willing / able to fill the void? are our Gmt. officials even considering the inevitable and how to deal with it? I'll bet they have no interest in entertaining the issue any more that the other looming devastating crises we face.

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    Default Re: what if Matson stopped?

    Considering what Matson's being doing lately in the news would seem to suggest that for the time being they are sticking around to serve Hawaii's shipping business.

    They recently replaced their cranes at Sand Island so it can handle more containers. I don't know if it is operational or not at this time.

    As far as ships are concerned they recently got the Daniel K. Inouye and they are expecting another ship like it pretty soon. It wasn't clear if this ships are meant to replace existing older ships in their fleet. Also these ships only handles containers.

    They are also expecting two new ships that can handle containers and vehicles that will replace 3 existing ships.

    As far as alternate companies, I was going to suggest Horizon but it seems that they no longer exist with Matson buying out their Alaska routes and Pasha their Hawaiian routes.

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