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Thread: KFC is getting cheap.

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    Default KFC is getting cheap.

    Is it just the Kapolei KFC or what? I ordered a meal with a biscuit and I got a dinner roll instead. I dont understand...I want my biscuit!

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    Default Re: KFC is getting cheap.

    Oooh, I hate it when take-out places get my order wrong. Maybe because I discover it when I'm already home or at work, and I'd have to go all the way back to correct the error. And I'm hungry! It can be such a small thing, too, yeah? I remember getting all bitchy over... no fries (McDonald's), wrong pizza (Pizza Hut), no bacon in my sub sandwich (Quiznos), no mandoo (Yummy's), no dressing (Bale). I try to remember and check before I leave, but I usually don't.

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    Default Re: KFC is getting cheap.

    Nowhere in Texas gives you a roll when they can give you a biscuit instead. I'm surprised Taco Bell doesn't hand out biscuits with their burritos.

    But certain KFCs don't have Mac n' Cheese and THAT pisses me off. I totally get it when you're craving something and they don't have it and you're really bummed b/c that was part/the whole reason you went there in the first place. I'm sorry.

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    Default Re: KFC is getting cheap.

    Sorry they didn't have the bisquit, since that's what you wanted. But I ate at KFC in Mililani on Sunday and they gave me a dinner roll too. I like the roll better, so I was happy.

    And, as long as we're on KFC. MMMMMM the chicken was sooooo gooooood!

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    Default Re: KFC is getting cheap.

    I haven't seen a KFC in Hawaii offer Mac & Cheese, I wish they did.

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    Default Re: KFC is getting cheap.

    Idk though. They didnt say anything about "Dinner Rolls" on the menu. A meal clearly says 2 peices of chicken with a side and a biscuit.

    Sorry, but a dinner roll does not equal a biscuit. Lol yeah. I guess I'm pretty salty. I was bummed they didnt have the mac & cheese either. Its another side I get while I'm in the mainland for school.

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