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Thread: What's in your garden now?

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    Default What's in your garden now?

    I'd love to see a thread like the food ones ("what's for dinner") but instead, what's in your garden?

    Need some ideas! Mahalo!

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    Weeeeeddds but also a pineapple plant growing from the cut off top of a fresh pineapple that was planted and green onions also planted from the roots of store bought green onions.

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    Aloha Adri!

    Me too with the green onions from the store, and the weeds too, always weeds.

    I think I am going to put in some okra and some Manoa lettuce. Perhaps a big plot of ginger so I can make ginger ale in the winter....

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    Poha, lilikoi, rosemary, 2 types of basil (wife and daughter love my pesto ), Okinawan tangerine, Kona orange, red meat papaya, Hawaiian chili peppers and even medicinal olena. Going to start Japanese eggplant and carrots as soon as I get off my butt and get to it. Japanese cukes and tomatoes are on the agenda. All are going to be grown our of large pots that are at least 3ft. off the ground. Our dogs love veggies and will strip the plants bare or dig up all the carrots.

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    wow - you could almost be your own Farmers Market! Wish I was your neighbor.
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    Da Rolling Eye: I am so jealous! Every time I try to grow basil, something eats it before it gets to be an inch or two big. and poha! I haven't seen poha in years. I used to have a chili pepper bush but it died and I haven't replanted because it attracted a lot lot of bulbuls.

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