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Thread: Eating Festival in Sefton Park

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    Default Eating Festival in Sefton Park

    It goes on all week but sadly I am bunged up and have had to to some Senna tablets. I might be able to make it later on. I love those festivals, you don't get much to eat but there is a lot of variety.

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    Mmmm. I remember our visit to the Bristol International Kite Festival. Lots of good eats. Not much by way of variety, but what they had they had a lot of. We stayed at a nearby resort and had a "traditional" English breakfast buffet every morning. Sweet breads, black pudding (?), kippers, bangers, English bacon (not like the "shrapnel Americans like to eat" one English friend so politely put it ), fried tomatoes and mushrooms, etc., and no heart attack. Not to mention the best teas and ales.


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