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Thread: Honolulu Stew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    We had steamed dumplings and Jam for afters./quote]

    OK, I get it now. I thought you mixed the jam in the stew.

    I think I'll look for the mincemeat in a jar, just to taste. If we like it, I might try and make some. It looks like something my husband would like.
    I have my grandmother's recipe - I would never dream of making it from scratch! Too much work. I buy it in a jar and am quite happy with the taste. The brand is "NoneSuch" and I can usually find at Foodland just before Thanksgiving.

    Barry - it was your mention of suet that got us off on this tangent. So, back to the stew discussion........................
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    I'm goin to 7-11 to try that beef stew bento.

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