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Tutu, I'm not sure what this means. I think it means that Walgreen's does not participate in any Medicare drug programs by giving you the prescription at no charge and then Walgreens will seek reimbursement from Medicare. I am sure if you want to join Walgreens private pay discount club, and you pay for your drugs directly to them, they would be happy to have you as a member.
I did talk to Walgreen's about it last August. When I learned that none of my drugs is covered by Medicare I asked to join Walgreen's discount drug program (not knowing at the time that my drugs weren't on that list, either!) and was told I couldn't because I was on Medicare. One of your previous replies in this thread doubted that scenario. The web site confirms what I was told by the pharmacist. For once I wasn't confused! I guess there's always the possibility that the pharmacist on duty that day was confused and the web site means something other than the way I understand it. However, my drugs aren't covered by Medicare or Walgreen's discount plan so, for me, it's now a moot point.
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Go to this site http://www.medicare.gov/MPPF/Include...lQuestions.asp and all the plans in your zip code are compared. Kaiser comes out number one, SH number two (along with others) and it says that Humana is too new to rate. Consequently, I would be very careful with Humana! Buyer beware.
Yes, I've been to medicare.gov...which is how I found out about Humana. And, yes, I am aware that Humana is new which is why I'm researching it instead of haphazardly changing over. But, each plan was new at some point in time so newness isn't an automatic deal breaker for me. I recently received the "Medicare & You" booklet in the mail which also compares the plans. It's basically a Reader's Digest version of Medicare. That booklet is geared to where one lives. The one Hawaii residents receive shows plans for Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. The latter 3 have no health plans available in those areas, btw; only original Medicare. It also lists prescription drugs plans by areas.
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EXCELLENT! The best medical care is preventive care, even if it had cost $3000 it would have been worth it.[...]
I whole heartedly agree that preventive care is the best way to go. However, even tho' it worth spending that money, there are just one heckuva lot of people who don't have $3000. to pay for the test should 1) their insurance company not approve it or 2) they have no insurance.

Great news from you, Honoruru.