What do you think of the new film about Princess Ka`iulani being titled “Barbarian Princess”? Apparently the title was chosen in order to peek the public's interest, despite the offensiveness to many people. Is this a case of the almighty dollar being chosen over dignity, or, is it a case of good business judgment?


From KGMB9 news:
“The film "Barbarian Princess" is so popular at this year's Hawaii International Film Festival that a second screening has been added. But the title is so unpopular, even the film's star doesn't like it.”
"I'm a little saddened that in 2009, Princess Kaiulani again is going to have to be associated with being barbaric in the same sentence," said Q'orianka Kilcher, the star in "Barbarian Princess."


An earlier Advertiser story reported:
“Native Hawaiians yesterday expressed anger at the decision to call a soon-to-be-released feature film on Princess Ka'iulani's life "Barbarian Princess," and some went as far as to call the title a publicity stunt and an insult to the young royal's memory.”
"Barbarian Princess," meant to be an ironic title, is what the princess was dubbed by some newspapers during her travels in the 1890s to the Mainland, where she astounded people with her grace, intelligence and beauty. The movie's producers say the title is meant to intrigue audiences, especially those outside of the Islands who wouldn't recognize her name or know her story.”

A producer and co-owner [Tijoe] explained:
"It was a way to bring to the fore what had happened in the past," he said. Tijoe acknowledged that the film title is "provocative," and he also said part of the reason "Barbarian Princess" was picked was because of fears the other working titles wouldn't have a commercial appeal outside of Hawai'i.