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Thread: Food safety alerts

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    Exclamation Food safety alerts

    In case you didn't see it, KITV did a series of reports on the impact that budget cuts have had on the frequency of health inspections that take place at Hawaii restaurants. Are you comfortable with once every two years?

    It's a classic catch-22 situation. If we as consumers expect more frequent inspections of restaurants, then it will result in the things that folks like to moan and groan about, like higher menu prices or already-struggling establishments closing down all together because they can't hack a hike in inspection fees.

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    Default Re: 12 inspectors + 6,000 eateries = bleaahh!!!

    I like California, they put the grade and points received on the front window.

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    Default Re: 12 inspectors + 6,000 eateries = bleaahh!!!

    I've stated my complaints before with the less than acceptable abilities of the HD, and now it's worse.

    I guess it'll take a high ranking Gov. official or their nearest kin to get deathly ill from contamination to get this even reversed.
    I nonminate our Governor.

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    Default Re: 12 inspectors + 6,000 eateries = bleaahh!!!

    Does Honolulu have a simple method of checking the results of restaurant inspections?

    The City of New York makes it fairly easy.

    This may have negative long-term repercussions for budding small businesses trying to get ahead in the restaurant biz as well as public health.

    In the third world, the rule of thumb (for tourists especially) is to go to a busy restaurant. It'll be an even greater uphill battle for a new (clean) restaurant with talented, sincere owners to stick around.
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    Default Re: 12 inspectors + 6,000 eateries = bleaahh!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanguard View Post
    Does Honolulu have a simple method of checking the results of restaurant inspections?
    Compared to other localities that have the inspection reports available online, no. But as Keoki Kerr reported, it all comes down to not having enough $$$$.

    Many mainland cities and counties have easy-to-use Web-based restaurant inspection systems like one from Sacramento, Calif., that the public can access 24 hours a day online. Type in a restaurant name and you get the most recent, detailed report.

    In Hawaii, it is a much slower and cumbersome process. people have to go to the health department in person to request the inspection paperwork.

    Restaurant inspections are still written by hand in the islands. If you want a report, you have to pay 50 cents per page to get them copied.

    "Let's get into the 21st century, where consumers and restaurant-goers can go and research before going out and having a meal," Oshiro said.

    During KITV's last investigation of restaurant inspections three years ago, health officials told us it would take three to five years to computerize their records, if they got $300,000 in funding. That money was not appropriated, so no progress has been made.
    So should $300,000 be raised through an increase in the restaurant licensing fees? Business owners who are struggling will squawk. Should it be appropriated from the general fund? Parents who are already upset about the public school furloughs will squawk. Like almost everything else about the state's fiscal crisis, tough decisions have to be made and none of the choices are pleasant.

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    Default Re: 12 inspectors + 6,000 eateries = bleaahh!!!

    The equation in this thread's title should be formulated as 6,000 eateries 12 Inspectors = bleahh!!!. Which would equal 500 restaurants for each inspector to cover. Scary.

    Back in 2006, KITV also broadcasted/published this report:

    Restaurant Inspections Find Maggots, Roaches In Food, Drinks
    Inspectors Investigate Complaints From Customers

    It's been suggested that the busiest restaurants will often have the most questionable sanitation conditions due to the dynamics in the kitchen.

    Obviously if the place is slow, staff will have more time to keep things clean than to cook.

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