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    Does anyone here have pregnancy experience with Kaiser Permanente?

    We have open enrollment now and I'm considering switching to Kaiser to save a solid buck. I don't mind switching doctors but since I am planning/hoping to get pregnant in the future I'm concerned about their obstetric, gynecology, and maternity care. Also, what is the approx cost saving in giving birth with Kaiser compared to HMSA?

    Anyone feel to share?


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    Quote Originally Posted by amagab View Post
    Does anyone here have pregnancy experience with Kaiser Permanente?
    I do. Ova thirty-one years ago. It was da same as the odda two births I had. Sore and eventful. The service from start to finish were excellent. Prenatal is very important for baby and parents. Having dad taking part in the delivery makes it even more memorable.

    As for having babies with HMSA coverage, I was treated with the same excellent care at Kapiolani Hospital. We are fortunate to have awesome Medical Coverage and Care in Hawaii.

    Love and ALOHA,

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    Depends on where you live. On Oahu prenatal to childbirth happens under one roof. Here in Hilo everything but birth is handled at their clinic. Childbirth is at the Hilo Medical Center.

    On average, they're good. Of my six boys, my last was handled thru Kaiser here in Hilo. That experience was satisfactory. Not as memorable as Kapiolani Medical Center where the first five were born. But definately cheaper at Kaiser.
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    My personal opinion of Kaiser is not great, but everyone I spoke to that have it are pleased. I would listen to your pocket book. Your gonna need to save every penny you have for the coming days.

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    Both kids born @ Kaiser. First one long time ago when they first opened - total cost $6 - at Kaiser when it was located where Hawaii Prince Hotel is now.

    Second one born @ Kaiser Moanalua five years later - total cost $10 dollars.

    Both experiences excellent - even when short labor for # 2 meant a non-physician ("real" doctor stuck in traffic!!) did the delivery.

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