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    Cool Gender Bending

    Since everyone else was too timid (or perhaps too uninterested, though they weren't afraid to talk about it in the "At the office today" thread), I figured I'd start this to see if it gets hits.

    In the beginning there were two genders: Male and Female.

    Sometime, somewhere, a third was born: neuter, aka known by various names to indicate a removal of certain glands, body parts, etc., where what was male or female became functionally neither.

    Certainly somewhere along there our species also gave birth to bisexuals and homosexuals (as was evident in ancient Greece and other places as well).

    But, throughout time there have been numerous individuals uncomfortable in the gender they were born to, and they took steps from simple cross-dressing to genital mutilation, and now our science even supports sex change - a la Chastity Bono.

    I've met many female boys and male girls (cross-dressers or just personality); I don't think I've met a trans-gendered person (but who knows?) I know female and male homosexuals, bisexuals, and even polyamorists. They are just people to me and I respond to them according to how they treat me - like everyone else I meet.

    I think it better that a person can express themselves how they feel (so long as it doesn't harm others) rather than to suffer being stuffed into a life role where they are certain they don't fit.

    More choices, fewer unwanted/abused children, slower population growth - works for me.

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