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Thread: Tell me about your New Year's party?

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    Default Tell me about your New Year's party?

    The thing I miss most is the New Year's food at the parties either on the
    Eve or New Year's day. I especially loved the shogatsu food that the Japanese people used to make. But the "pot luck" stuff that the Kamaaina parties were bodacious too! Tell me about what you ate.

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    Default Re: Tell me about your New Year's party?

    I went to a wonderful party for food. I made a caramelized onion/gorgonzola & bacon dip. The hosts made pulled pork for sandwiches, sweet potatoes, rice,
    stuffing like for turkey, mochiko chicken. There were lots of great cheeses and a shrimp platter. Plenty of red and white wines and beers. It was way up a long winding road with a great view.

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    Talking Re: Tell me about your New Year's party?

    We invited the neighborhood, half of them came.

    Food? I forget it all, but we went over to Bruce's for bar-b-que and lumpia and stuff, then at 9 we all came over to my place with all the fireworks.

    We had so much fireworks among us that they never stopped. We assigned the tasks to the older kids, and we watched the younger ones, to keep them safe. Non-stop legal fireworks, while all around us, illegal aerials shot into the sky and large explosions split the night.

    Close to midnight I took out the acetylene cannon and put their puny black powder to shame. We only fired it three times this year: 1) a test run to ensure all was well, then 2) a full-on charge to 'clear the air.' Not only did it clear the air, but one of the teens passed out from the concussion (he will be checked out - that was unusual), and car alarms within 2 blocks were triggered. Easily as loud as a 175mm howitzer - lucky I had ear plugs. 3) a just-past-midnight shot, after the grand-finale fireworks (all we had left at that point) were dying down. The before-mentioned teen was inside, lying down, windows closed, and still it effected him, though he didn't pass out.

    Where we are positioned in the valley, the parabolic shape of the mountains likely carried the sound far out to sea.

    We sacked out, while remainder fireworks continued until 4:30 AM.
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    Default Re: Tell me about your New Year's party?

    I had a ice sundae for lunch from Dave & Busters. Watched a heron having it's sashimi for the New Year. Then having take out from Panda Express for dinner.

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    Default Re: Tell me about your New Year's party?

    Hung out with some friends and their little girl. Played games. Made Bear Poo. Jason accidently put the champagne in the freezer too long and we had exploding champagne slurpee, which was quite good, and which I ate with a spoon. Yes, I am all about class!

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    Default Re: Tell me about your New Year's party?

    We had a New Years Day party at our dorm. No fireworks, but plenty of food; pork adobo, chicken and steak on the grill, grilled asparagus and apples, mushrooms with bacon wrapped around them, pasta salad, and of course mochi.

    Where I grew up, it's a tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut for New Years as good luck, so I also did that; place porkchops in crock pot, cover with sauerkraut, then heat on high for five hours. Good, but very pungent.

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