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Thread: Let's Burn a candle for JAL

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    I think you're being a little too serious between the ears. Need to let your hair down a little. If I didn't enjoy participating on this forum, I'd be tormenting people on another.

    Btw, I guess the Germans, French, Canadians, English, and Danes must hate themselves. They keep coming over here for medical treatment.

    And, ask the Canadians how their relative's organs are donated without anyone's consent. I'd hate to be in a coma in Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo Lakio View Post
    Craig, you surprise me - isn't that the "rapture" of which you occasionally speak?

    Well - I guess it won't be "restored" for some of us, now that I think about it...
    No I'm thinking of restoring history to a point in time when things were know...the good old days!
    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.

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