View Poll Results: Can Beretania Times survive against a new Safeway next door?

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  • Yes. They can hold their own.

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  • Yes. But Times may have to downsize and layoff employees.

    3 21.43%
  • No. They should close down and cut their losses.

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Thread: Safeway vs Times

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuNnL View Post
    Actually, this is a trick question. Price, selection, and customer service actually vary wildly just between Safeway and Times alone! Safeway’s liquor prices are pretty steep, particularly for beer. Wines and spirits are generally only affordable if you buy in bulk. I don’t know if Safeway has beaten Longs DrugsŪ, for example, on a liquor product within the last decade.

    Then we have selection. Neither Times nor Safeway carry local milk. We’ve been conditioned to buy Meadow Gold because at one time, they supplied local milk. What most people don't realize is that Viva/Meadow Gold is now 100% mainland product, and has been for two years.

    Foodland and Sack&Save, on the other hand, do carry local milk. Big Island fresh, to be exact. Hallelujah! Milk is expensive, and the last thing I want is something that’s going to spoil three days after I bought it. So yeah, short answer: I care.
    only get safeway by my house so that's where i buy my beer. get one small korean liquor store but most time, it's more expensive.

    maybe next time i'll drive to times. thanks for the tip.

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    like most others have noted. i also look at the ads then shop at whoever has the best prices. usually i stick to safeway and times...

    i'm from san antonio where we only had 1 grocery chain, HEB. The dominated and ran out all others, Krogers, Alberstons, Randalls, etc... There stores are mostly huge! but in the area i lived they opened up a smaller boutique style store called Central Market. It was like a smaller version of Whole Foods, but they carried different stuff. I actually like the feel of a smaller grocery store, although the store design of Safeway Kapahulu is nice.

    One thing i HATE about Safeway is the freakin 3-4 prices they put on everything!! It was this price, now it's this price, but wait, it could be this price if you have a magic card. I understand sales, but WHO CARES what is used to cost and the "new" low price...

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuatree View Post
    I thought Walgreens plans on taking over the Nuuanu Shopping Plaza for their next store to fill that gap?
    True. But why in the world would a Nuuanu location preclude Walgreens from building another store in an ideal location way down on Beretania (next to a new Safeway, American Savings Bank, and Grace's Inn?)

    If Walgreens has serious intentions on competing with the Long's chain, they need to expand into the right locations. And the one that I described fits Walgreens' needs to a T,.... assuming the Beretania Times will vacate, which I believe they eventually will.

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