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Thread: Pac-10 looking to become Pac-12?

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    Default Pac-10 looking to become Pac-12?

    In a recent conversation with the San Jose Mercury News, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott weighed in on the subject of expanding the conference.

    "We're looking at it very seriously," he said.
    The poll in The Seattle Times had Fresno St., Boise St., BYU, Colorado, Utah, and Other as the choices. But what about Hawaii?!

    A longshot that the Pac-10 would consider Hawaii, but it would make a better candidate than those other schools, IMO.

    Hawaii has a decent football and m/w basketball programs. Very good track, cross country, swimming, baseball, soccer, diving, water polo, and sailing programs.

    Upper tier m/w volleyball programs, indoor arena, track, and baseball stadium. The Duke pool ain't too shabby either, according to former NCAA coaches from mainland schools that I've talked to.

    This state's also a hotbed for football, soccer, swimming, paddling/rowing, baseball, diving, volleyball, and water polo recruiting.

    And I'm not sure if it matters much to the Pac-10, but Hawaii's a better research school than Boise St. and Fresno St.

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    Default Re: Pac-10 looking to become Pac-12?

    It would be great for Hawaii to get into the Pac-10 and if offered, joining would be a no-brainer.

    The problem? It ain't happenin'.

    The single biggest obstacle is geography. The other conference schools are sure to balk at paying the extra travel costs associated with playing here. Even if UH kicked in a "subsidy" (like they did in their earlier years in the WAC), it's gonna be a hard-sell for the present Pac-10 membership.

    Aside from Wahine v-ball, UH doesn't really offer up any program that is a perennial national powerhouse. All the other teams have had up and down seasons in recent years. No team is too shabby, but there's nothing that really stands out, either. But it's all academic, anyway. Even if baseball and men's v-ball is returned to its former glory and one of the two basketball teams improves, it wouldn't be nearly enough to make a difference.

    My gut feeling on which two schools will get the nod? Colorado and Boise.

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    Default Re: Pac-10 looking to become Pac-12?

    My guess if the PAC-10 expands, it will be Fresno and Boise. It's all about money. Hawai'i doesn't travel well.
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    Default Re: Pac-10 looking to become Pac-12?

    UH needs a Phil Knight of Nike type to contribute to the athletic department.


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