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Thread: I heart Shirokiya food court!

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    Default I heart Shirokiya food court!

    So I find myself worrying about the financial future of Shirokiya simply because if their food court at the Ala Moana went away (when I am *finally* moving there and would get to enjoy it) a little part of me would die. It's not just the food, but the whole sensory experience - from the piles of sushi and artfully designed mochi to the tako-yaki gong and the smell of all that wonderful food.

    Maybe if the department store closed, the cafeteria would somehow live on?

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    Default Re: I heart Shirokiya food court!

    Shirokiya's "food court" (and the store in general) is by far the ONLY place I truly look forward to visiting in that entire shopping center; this coming from a guy who's extremely phobic about shopping malls.

    Besides the AWESOME JAPANESE FOOD you can get on the second floor, being that I grew up in the "Generation Kikaida" era, Shirokiya holds a very special place in my heart. Especially after the long-gone PLAYWELL in Pearlridge Center disappeared (remember them!!!?).

    The day Shirokiya comes to an end, is the day Ala Moana Center loses one of its most endearing and charming old school ANCHOR tenants (next to Sears). Which will be that much less I find reason to visit/shop at AMC.
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    A mini Shirokiya food court is at Don Quijote. The bentos are cheaper there, but they don't have as much choices and aren't as tasty.

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    Shirokiya is moving to a new location as the Center.

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