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Thread: Is a Gorn always aggresive?

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    Default Re: Is a Gorn always aggresive?

    Quote Originally Posted by 808shooter View Post
    The Lyrans had that shield weapon that did damage when ramming or something.
    The Expanding Shield Generator (ESG).

    I never got into playing with the Kzinti. Too many fighters and drones maybe.
    I don't mind the drones, I think the amount of drones that a Kzinti ship can launch and control seem to be okay with me.

    Did you play with free movement or plotted?
    As a choice I would go with free movement, but I remember a time when the game only had plotted movement.

    There was one SFB game that a group of us played a long time ago which involved each of us having a fleet of ships and a planet to defend on a kind of large map. I don't remember which race I was playing at the time but my planet was about to be attacked by a group of Gorn ships and somehow these ships ended their movement in the same space on which my planet was on. We was kind of wondering if that was legal or not so a check on the rulebook at the time said if that were to happen, the ship is destoryed.

    From that point on we always made fun of Gorns, planets and how slow the Gorns react to things like that.

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    Default Re: Is a Gorn always aggresive?

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