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Thread: SophieLynette's Tour Guide for the day

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    Default SophieLynette's Tour Guide for the day

    I love my wife. She trusts me so much she was okay when I told her that I would be picking up a 25-year old girl and her female friend of similar age, whom I've never met in person but online on a forum (Hawaii Threads) and spending the entire day with them driving around the Big Island's Volcano National Park while my wife stays home.

    So I take my 6-year old Jesse along for the ride. And boy what a tour it was, between my yapping about the beauty of the Big Island and Jesse yapping about his Nintendo DS games, Sophie and her friend Faye were continuosly entertained. Jesse even hopped onto Faye's back for a piggyback ride back to the car after walking almost a mile on the Chain of Crater's road to the lava roadblock and back.

    I brought SophieLynette and her friend Faye back to my home and introduced them to my wife and we all sat around watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in our living room.

    When I dropped the two of them off with their church group in Hilo that evening, the advisor greeted us and asked us how we met. Same story, online and this was the first time we met in person. I told her with a lot of trust the four of us had a great time!

    We drove a total of 171-miles taking in the sights of Hawaii Volcano National Park and spent 12-hours together mostly listening to my son Jesse yakking away with his two new friends.
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    This is the kind of stuff that mkes me realize the value of HT!

    ENJOY X 1,000,000 Sophie & friends, kids, party, etc.

    If you get to other islands, you know where to reach us!

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    Craig - great post! What a fun time for you all! I've met several people in this type of way and remain friends with them. Thanks for sharing!

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    If you're ever offered a volcano tour from Craig, don't turn him down! He did a great job as our guide, offering so much knowledge about the volcano and the island. And I'm sure someday Jesse will follow in his footsteps, what a smart and friendly kid!

    It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the people on this board are. This is the reason I moved to Hawaii, to be with such amazing friends.

    I'll try to get some photos up once I've recovered from my trip!

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    So cool!! Isn't Sophie super nice to hang out with!? Happy to hear about the Big Island excursion, sounds like it was awesome!
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