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    sorry if this belongs elsewhere (tv? no; music? maybe.) but i'm almost thru watcing global metal <> and i love it. it's really, really interesting. tho it's a documentay, it's a really laid back kind of 'endless summer' flick where a guy with an anthropology degree flies to a bunch of countries to see what metal is like there. simple idea but really interesting. examples of places includes indonesia, japan, brazil, israel, dubai/uae, and china! and thru casual interviews with locals involved in metal, one is given a place to begin exploring bands that--at least to me--were unknown.

    looking forward to watching the original documentary, 'Metal - A Headbanger's Journey (2006)'
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    in case anyone's interested, you can check out the official site here:

    view some basic info and viewer comments here:

    a fairly detailed overview of the contents can be found here:

    even tho it's just a laid back documentary, it was easily 10x more interesting than, say, the hollywood movie kick-ass....
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    The director of Iron Maiden: Flight 666 and Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey put together this look at the heavy metal scenes (bands, fans, and public reaction) in India, Indonesia, Brazil, Dubai, Iran, Japan, China, and Israel.

    Boy, you really have to be a fan to get into this one. I was interested, but not THAT interested. There was a lot of stuff about the politics and cultural repression in these areas and how they influenced metal, and how metal influenced them, but the story starts to get a bit repetitive in each country.

    I have to say that I like the Japan section best because it was the most different. For the most part, the Japanese fans don’t seem to have much to rebel against. They seem to tell the film-maker, “This is my fun life. It has nothing to do with my real life.” It seems to be consistent with young Japanese people’s character: the cosplay, the fantasy, the clothes and hair and language.

    The last sections, in Dubai and Jerusalem, are pretty interesting, too, but I don’t think the film-maker gives us enough of the music.

    Anyway, you can probably skip this. If you really like his other films, then you should see this one too, but only if.

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