Hawaiiguy has an interesting thread here about the Costco auto buy program. So as not to continue to hijack his thread, I'm starting my own with an inquiry about the CR system!

It's a 3 step system that, for $14, gives one a new car price report for the make and model of one's choice. From CR's ad in CR...
Step 1, Find out what the dealer paid: "...you'll have the dealer invoice price for all factory-installed options and packages available for the make and model you're purchasing." (emphasis is CR's)
Step 2, Find out what the dealer receives in hidden rebates: "Dealers receive all kinds of cash rebates and unadvertised incentives from car manufacturers. You New Car Price Report exposes these hidden bonuses so you can lower your offer."
Step3, Find out your Consumer Reports Bottom Line Price: "Here's the key to your deal. Your New Car Price Report goes beyond the invoice price to show you what the dealer actually paid for the exact car you're buying..."

As I mentioned in Hawaiiguy's thread, I'm looking at the possibility of buying a new Honda Fit. The last time I bought a new car was in 1980! My ex and I purchased 2 Mazdas at the same time so we had the salesman's attention! And, since my ex was a salesman, I did none of the negotiating! Since then I've purchased used cars because I don't like that ol' depreciation hit when it's driven off the lot. But now I'm more interested in the warranty.

My question is...has anyone locally used this system? I'm curious whether or not it works in Hawaii. I'm going to call the 1-800 number but thought I'd check in with HTers first.