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    Not sure if I loaded this picture correctly.

    This moped was stolen from the motorcycle parking area of my building in Salt Lake on 5-18-10. One distinguishing feature of it is the panel on the floorboard got lost and there is a square piece of sheetmetal screwed down there. Also, the mirrors are mismatched as another thief previously took the right mirror one night.

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    I'll be lookin'.
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    Did you file a police report? I have to give HPD credit. My moped was stolen from a downtown parking structure, with the keys still in the lockable seat storage keyhole. Despite this, Kalihi patrol recovered my moped less then a few months later.

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    hi,sorry to hear of the theft is year's ago,i had my yellow honda elite s stolen from school street foodland and the local authoritie's never recovered mine so my mom purchased a year later a new sym moped and it work's well and it make's me

    well thank's for your time


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