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Polynesian Voyaging Society's new voyaging canoe Hikianalia departed on Oct. 9, 2012, on her maiden voyage, from Aotearoa to Hawaiʻi.
Keep track of the voyage progress via:

"Last night, with all sails wide-open, we made 115 nautical miles between 6 pm and 6 am (an average of 9.6 knots) on our desired heading of 330 degrees True (Nā Lani Ho’olua). If we can keep this up today, we plan to turn more directly for Hilo at about suppertime and hope to be off Hilo Bay before sunrise.

Immigration and Customs will allow us to come in some time after 8 AM. Arrival procedures are being coordinated now."

This is sooo cool... another ocean sailor canoe to add to the ranks!
And it will accompany Hokule'a on the round the world trip!