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    Default Safeway's current push

    And it might not be a typical ruse.
    Seems some smart buying habits can save some serious $ with their new plan
    Anybody here been using it?

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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    There was a "just for U" insert in Safeway's circular in MidWeek this week. I kept it with the intent to sign up. Just haven't gotten around to it yet!

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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    If it's worthy, I'm curious if they'll keep it or eventually toss it as most promos go...

    BTW, the Beretania store is moving... somewhere. Why? I don't know.
    Heard they were going into the old Schuman Carriage bldg. in the next block DH, next to Times, but that doesn't seem plausible, too small.

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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    They are going to re-locate at the old Schuman Carriage lot. It doesnít seem big enough, but there are several buildings there, and I guess itís just bigger than it seems. They say itís going to be as big and similar in style as the Kapahulu Safeway store.

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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    I signed up, now where are my free eggs? I clicked on the free eggs coupon and nothing happened (well, something happened - it said I hadn't clicked on anything and the free eggs coupon vanished). Lies or what? I sent a comment (there's no indication as to how one should submit a question online) asking about the free eggs. I'll update if anything results.
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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    Are they going to improve the intersection of Beretania and Piikoi so that drivers going up Piikoi don't block the intersection?

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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    hi,when my mom and myself first signed up for the safeway card,i still use mine and it cut's the price in half when they have sale's and i ask advice when i need to know how to pick like grape's or honeydew melon's or cantaloupe's and they help and they are friendly.

    i thought to share this with everyone.

    well thank's for your time

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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    sansei = this is not an offer for the club card. it is for additional savings for all the folks who already have the club card. if you can go online to and sign up you can save a lot more $$$
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    Default Re: Safeway's current push

    hi,i understand aunapuni 808,i was sharing that when i first signed up to get the safeway club card,it save's me half of what i purchase and i realize that it's not an offer for the club card.i use it to get half of the price that anyone would pay for like when time's once use to do it until they dont use a card like safeway anymore.

    well thank's for your time sorry anapuni808 my apologie's for incorrectly spelling your user name.

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