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Thread: Kona wind and questions?

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    Default Kona wind and questions?

    I never looked into it before. Kona wind does not mean it's from Kona side of the Big Island. It just means "Western" wind. Tradewinds normally blows from the East. Vog is bad when winds blow from the south.

    1. In general, your guess, what percentage does wind blow from East, West, South, and North?

    2. I never heard of winds blowing from the North. Are there any characteristics of Northern winds?

    3. What about other characteristics? East tradewinds = nice. Kona = storm. South = Vog? I know there are so many factors, and this is just a general statement.
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    Default Re: Kona wind and questions?

    Tradewinds in Hawaii come from the North East.

    If I had to guess maybe 90% of the time is the tradewinds, the other 10% is not.
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    Default Re: Kona wind and questions?

    I would say the trade winds blow about 70% of the time, but like Helen says, they come in from the northeast, not the west. When itís kona weather, the winds come from the opposite direction, from the southwest, drawing in humidity from the equator.

    Then thereís a variety of other conditions, when winds come from other directions, including the north, which I love. It doesnít happen too often, but when it does (usually in January or February) it comes straight and short from the arctic north, bringing in dry and cool air. Thatís when we say ďitís freezing!Ē (i.e. low 60s or even down into the 50s). Brrrrr!

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    When I first landed on Oahu, I immediately envisioned the winds to blow onshore towards the Pali from the airport side... wrong. The trades then and always have felt odd and only years later did I learn that they actually did blow Easterly, on Kona day's. Kona's even felt 'correct'.

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