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    There isn't a forum for adoptions and the subjects of this post are free...hence the Announcing forum! Anyway, I announce () that I received the following email from a friend today. Two dogs need adopting and while I normally don't forward this type of info, this one got to me. The 2 bow-wows in the photo below are carbon copies of the dogs we had when my kids were in school...same markings, same mixes, same sizes, same genders and also "sisters in heart". I'd take them in a millisecond if I didn't live in condos with no pets policies. The best I can do is help spread the word because the thought of euthanasia is heartbreaking. I'm hoping some of you can spread the word, too. Mahalo for anything you can do...
    Dog Lovers,

    Sad to say there is a pair of dogs looking for a home. The previous owner said he was going to the mainland and will send for them later. He retired from the military and MWR has not been able to track down the owner. If MWR is unable to find them a home soon, they will hand them to Hawaiian Humane Society.

    The lab mix is named Kahlua and she's around 40 pounds. Her best friend is a chihuahua terrier mix named Leah and she's around 15 pounds. They get along with other dogs and are very friendly. They especially love treats!! Would love for them to be adopted together as they are sisters in heart. Would hate to see them separated. We're not sure of their age but guessing between 3 to 5 years old.

    Please call 368-3456 MWR Pet Kennels for more info. MWR is located next to the Animal Quarantine Station in Halawa Valley.

    Pls pass to anyone who may be interested in adopting them! Thank you sooo much for your help!!
    ETA: Hmmm...I just reread the email and the word "free" isn't mentioned. There might be a boarding charge so be sure to ask.
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