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    I propose that mopeds be required to renew registration annually. This would solve some problems and provide much needed revenue for C/C Honolulu. Because many mopeds are stolen and ridden with no need to show current registration, registering annually would require showing current registration and a current driver's license when renewing the tag. This would be a difficulty for owners without "papers". Also troubled, many moped riders lost their license for various infractions and a moped is their way of "beating the system".

    Because underage riders are a problem, endangering the rider and the public, a current drivers license would be required when renewing moped registration. After every moped accident involving an underage driver there is a plaint for regulation to keep minors off these things, usually loudest by the victims guardians.

    Drivers of unregistered and expired registration would be easily identified by changing the color of the tag every year. Tickets/fines paid would generate revenue additional to the annual registration fee. An expired registration is usually a red flag the individual merits further investigation by the police. Thus another good reason for registration.

    These vehicles use the roads and should pay their fair share of usage tax like any other motorist.

    The people effected by this fee are not the ones who normally vote so any opposition would be minor.

    If it saves one child's life we can all feel good about our new system of safety and regulation.
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    hi,in response to Fritz,

    when i read it,their are some part's i agree with about the youth only it shouldnt be for every moped rider just due to a few minor's who make us the one's who ride within the law,it should only be for those youth's who steal moped's and claim that's their' deceased father's gift of a yellow honda elite s moped was stolen from school st foodland and the local authoritie's never found it since it may have been sold to a chop shop or something and those are the one's,the youth who should face this,not the legal moped rider's.

    only they and us like myself who wear's a helmet of their choosing with out regulation's to the chooser of the helmet.

    Well thank's for your time

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