Thanks to all of you for participating, and for being so thoughtful and supportive. I'm generally reluctant to send e-mails to the community (someone replied that they don't think they've ever received one!), so the fact that this initiative didn't generate a flood of spam complaints is encouraging.

I've sent out one last reminder, as the team really wants to hear from a minimum of 100 people to ensure solid findings. If you already took the survey, I apologize for the duplication.

If not, note that they've extended the $5 bonus so that anyone who takes the survey before the end of the month gets the $25 certificate. I hope you'll consider participating. Further, if you're in touch with a long-time, over-100-post user outside the board, be sure to ping them to make sure they don't miss this opportunity.

I'm very curious to see, in aggregate, the results of the research. Does what we all post here publicly really reflect our attitudes (insofar as they're measured privately via the survey)? Hmm!