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Thread: Earthquake - Big Island - 10/03/10

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    Default Earthquake - Big Island - 10/03/10

    Just saw there was a 4.0 shaker on the island of Hawaii about half an hour ago. Was anyone on here affected by it, or even feel it? Hope not...Living in Los Angeles makes me VERY tuned in to earthquakes! I know that's not really big, but it shore 'nuff will get your attention!

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    Default Re: Earthquake - Big Island - 10/03/10

    I am on Oahu and no I didn't feel it. I haven't turn on the TV or radio to see if there was a mention of this event.

    I was looking through the other earthquake threads here on Hawaiithreads trying to find the earthquake that happened on 2006 that caused Oahu's power grid to fail. Found it in a thread titled Shake and Quake!. One of the responders said that event was 6.3 and another said it was 6.6. Way more powerful than the 4.0 event for today.

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    Default Re: Earthquake - Big Island - 10/03/10

    I'm on the Big Island and I felt it. But it wasn't remarkable or anything. Felt like a thud as if something heavy hit the ground.

    That big one in 2006 started as a rolling earthquake then Boom! It hit and almost knocked me out of my chair as I sat outside. My chair along with me in it was tossed six inches straight up then down.
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    I neva feel nottin here on Kauai.

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