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We like condo living with an HOA for the same reasons you do. It is not perfect, but better than the alternatives. No rules/no regulations = anarchy. [...]
The biggest problem I found with no AOAO/HOA was exterior maintenance. The townhouse project had a series of buildings that included from 4 to 8 townhomes per building. There were no rules for painting. There were no rules for the common roof. There was no continuity of fences or green areas. Some carports were used as storage by their residents and looked like a tenement. There were no rules forbidding that. I didn't find the behavior of the residents a problem, however, just their choices on what to do with "their" exteriors, even tho' the facade ran evenly across the buildings! If a resident did have a problem with another unit there was no BoD to complain to! One had to address the owner directly. My portion of the roof had leaks and needed to be replaced. The owners of the other 3 units weren't experiencing leaks and would not agree to replace the entire roof and split the cost evenly. I ended up replacing my 1/4, hoping that it wouldn't create leaks for the units on either side of me. Must admit, tho', since I was flipping that unit I didn't really care about long term.

I do have a problem with privatizing certain services with this post by matapule in another thread as an example. While I don't mind the private fire dept. not responding to a fire at the home of a delinquent account, my concern is for the neighbors.

I can't imagine a government like that, at any level. Oh wait, that wouldn't be a government at all. As you mentioned...anarchy.