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Thread: Left v. Right on HT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konaguy View Post
    I think its a bit unfair to characterize myself strictly a right leaning individual. Yes I do have some right leaning views, but I also have views that could be characterized as moderate.
    Quote Originally Posted by matapule View Post
    Here is the problem with what you say. The moderate or centrist view as been moved way to the right of center with the Presidency of Reagan and continuing since. Your "moderate" views of today would have been far to the right of Goldwater at that time. You may characterize your views as "moderate" but that may not be how others perceive them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leo Lakio View Post
    I did say: ...tend to fall more often to the right side of the spectrum to one degree or another.

    Going back over your posts (as well as your blog), I stand by my assessment as stated.
    Nothing like reading it from the horse's mouth. So I took some time out to check out Ryan's Kona Blog and assess his views on development and examining the politicians he's supporting at both the county and state level.

    Far right of Goldwater?

    Ohh-kay. Whatever.

    All of which only reinforces my earlier stated view on how utterly worthless political spectrum labels are,... particularly with the way certain people in this forum applies these labels.

    I don't think I've had as hearty a laugh reading an HT post since I was classified as a "bleeding heart liberal." Hmmm, I wonder how many other bleeding heart liberals made it a point to shine the light on judges for being soft when it comes to criminal sentencing?
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    I should have placed money on FM being the one who shows, by putting it in different words, that he gets my point:

    Labels only matter if you let them.

    You can apply them to yourself, if you like, or you can allow others to apply them to you, or you can apply them higgledy-piggledy - but they don't have to mean a damn thing, because (as I said in the post that launched the thread) individual perception is the key.

    (Aaron was headed in the right direction when he asked who appointed me judge, jury & executioner - but he derailed himself with his anger.)

    Now, your homework assignment is to go watch Kurosawa's "Rashomon." Then write your essays on how the perception of (so-called) truth varies, based on upon the unique circumstances of the interpreter - yet each truth can still be valid.

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    A little bit louder now. A little bit louder now.

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    I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm not a Biden supporter. I'm an athletic supporter.

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