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Thread: The most dangerous drug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peshkwe View Post
    I think you're thinking crank vs ice. Crank is the lower quality powder compared to the more refined form of ice where crystal is even more refined, but it's all meth.
    Wow, I must really not be getting what I am trying to say across properly. I'm not comparing the substances, I'm comparing the relationships of the two groups - ice is to meth as crack is to cocaine.

    Anyway, not all that important...........

    Bottom line is, none of it is good for anyone

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    Balderdash! All the drugs mentioned have perfectly good uses for plenty of people. The problem is not inherent in the substances.
    May I always be found beneath your contempt.

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    Here here Salmoned.

    If drugs were legal, would you start?
    Do you think a user ever stopped cux of laws?

    Lawbreakers break laws, even when they are sober.
    Energy answers are already here.

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