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Thread: 2010 General Election Day

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    Default 2010 General Election Day

    So what was your voting experience like today?

    For me, my polling place was Washington Middle School. No long lines but it did take some time to mark the ballot.

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    Default Re: 2010 General Election Day

    I applied for that Permanent Absentee Ballot, so I get them in the mail. Much easier that way... I give myself a few days to look over everything and then I can either mail it in or drop it off at one of those early walk-in voting places.

    Edited to add: Am I the only one who would prefer Election Day to fall on a Saturday or Friday?

    I googled... In the 1800s, people had to travel by horse-drawn vehicles. Election on Tuesdays allowed men to attend church on Sunday, travel on Monday, vote on Tuesday, and be back home by Wednesday for market day!
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    Default Re: 2010 General Election Day

    I agree with the absentee balloting. It gives you the document well in advance and allows you several days to independently research each name and initiative listed on there. Seeing each candidate's official webpage, and official Congressional voting statistics can be (should be, is) way more informative (and cut and dry!) than having to listen to any of the news channels or commercials.

    I think it gives the voter a little more voter knowledge than going in on Election Day and suddenly having to make a decision on a few names or initiatives you don't recognize or have never heard of.

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    Default Re: 2010 General Election Day

    Another absentee ballot voter here. Love the convenience.

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    Default Re: 2010 General Election Day

    hi voted absentee and am waiting for the 2nd printout and hoping my candidate's win.that'll make me =O) smile. at least dinouye won,that's great. he's a good senator. im still praying for my candidate's to come out with a win and then i'll share who'm i voted for in this general election.

    well thank's for your time

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    Default Re: 2010 General Election Day

    On the whole, I'm feeling rather GRUNTLED as a result of tonights election results.
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