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Thread: "Conan" on TBS

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    Default "Conan" on TBS

    It started on Monday night on TBS. Anyone watch it?
    I DVR'd it and watched it yesterday out of curiousity. Not surprisingly, he took a couple of shots at NBC but for the most part it was just another boring talk show. Smaller studio and far less audience members than he had for either of his shows on NBC.
    His sidekick Andy is with him and was quoted yesterday morning as bragging about how they beat Leno and Letterman. Well DUH. It was their very first show and of course there was a huge curiousity factor after that whole mess with the Tonight Show. The good ratings will probably last through this week, but I expect Conan's ratings will fall pretty fast after that.
    I'll tape and watch the rest of the shows this week but after that, unless he has some guest on that I'm dying to see, I won't be watching.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LikaNui View Post
    ... just another boring talk show.
    That pretty much sums 'em all up for me. I haven't watched any of the talk-shows in many years, unless there's a musical guest I like. Then I just record the last 10 minutes of the show for their segment.

    What can I say? I liked Dick Cavett & Tom Snyder even more than Johnny Carson.

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    I just watched what I did while he was host of The Tonight Show. I just stayed for his monologue and if there's a skit with Andy that follows.

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    Default Re: Conan's new talk show

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    When is Conan going on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

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    Conan occupied today's show was creative.

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    Conan is going to last longer than Leno.

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    In the year 2000.
    The future, Conan?

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    Conan ends his run on TBS. But, he will live on another network.

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