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Thread: State of Radio In Hawaii

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    In my opinion, the kind of show Mynah Bird was successful with through his radio career reached a diminishing audience as the years went by. That audience probably had a significant drop off after he switched from the multi-frequency all on the same number KIPA 620 AM to the Hilo only KHBC 1060 AM a few years back. I think it went downhill from there, even though in the end he was in most parts of the island through the owners' FM stations (which went into bankruptcy and are now for sale).

    His audience probably skewed older over the years. Today's "youngsters" are not used to the rather slow pace, news, community bulletin board type talk radio oriented, oldies music program that Mynah Bird was known for. They prefer to listen to something else, and it ain't radio.
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    Good points. It remains a mystery to me and others why the young demographic is pretty much the exclusive focus for advertisers. Its been said before, but its worth repeating, as people get older (up to a point) they usually get more disposable income. While they might not be good targets for marketing chewing gum, they are more logical choices for marketing real estate, cars, contractors, brokers, etc.

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