Last night's news reported a 4.7 quake evidently centered about under Kahoolawe. Which brings up the subject of volcanism. Haleakala had an eruption about 1790, it is not impossible that it, Kahoolawe, or any of the volcanos in the Maui Nui group could erupt. A geologist predicted that before volcanism is finished with the group the entire area will have a new coating of lava. Its interesting that Kohala is considered extinct, yet the Maui area farther north from the hot spot is considered potentially active. It was reported that a carcass of a whale, boiled to death in what was thought to be volcanic activity washed ashore on O'ahu a few years back. (Sorry, no source for that). I saw an estimate that Diamond Head was formed only 40,000 years ago, which is not a long time in geologic terms. None of this is anything to be afraid of, its just our living planet. Most often, a quake is just a quake but sometimes they do signal coming volcanism.