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Thread: Thanksgiving Dinner time

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    Talking Thanksgiving Dinner time

    When I was growing up, I was always used to eating my Thanksgiving dinner at dinner time. So when I was traveling around the country and meeting friends from various regions, I was surprised at the various different foods they ate and the times they ate it.

    What time do you normally eat your Thanksgiving "dinner?"

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    Default Re: Thanksgiving Dinner time

    Typically Thanksgiving for me would be watching a movie at a theatre first and then having the meal afterwards so it would end up being in the early afternoon.

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    Growing up, the t'giving meal was pretty close to regular dinner time, just a little earlier to allow for digestion before bedtime! Then as my parents got older we went out for the holiday meal at a normal dinner time. When invited to others homes, times varied from lunch to dinner and everything in between while the food remained fairly traditional.

    Today was an 11am brunch and will be a 5pm dinner.

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    Target time today was 4:00 p.m.
    Reality was 5:20 p.m.
    That's the risk inherent in trying out four new recipes for the first time.

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    Late afternoon. Have a good time, get the family stuff over with, have a GREAT nap, and then go out for a bit for a movie or beverages.

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    Target time noon - reality about 2-2:30 to start, but continuing on until about 5 - followed by non-stop bingo with the same uncle calling numbers for the x-teenth year (but he really should get glasses now), and most "prizes" re-circulated from year to year, except this year someone insisted on putting 24 cans of vienna sausage on the table that had to be 'won' one bingo at a time. Then the second shift of guests arrives with new food - coming from inlaws or wherever they went for first shift - and the eating begins again. But bingo is pau with someone in OUR household winning the black-out pot of $47 to loud applause instead of groans since she's a favorite auntie. Pau before midnight and how nice some of the younger people divided up the leftovers and washed the dishes - but one of them woke up the neighbors as he and girlfriend left on their Harley. Others headed directly for Walmart for midnight to 5 am special prices.

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    This year was different for me. I went to a friend's house where the gathering started around 1, but it was an all-day grazing session. The turkeys were carved around 5:30. But all in all, it was essentially eating and drinking from 1pm-11pm... so a little hard to say this time.

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