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Thread: Yellow-bellied Sea Snakes in Hawaii!

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    Another (3rd in 10 years) Sea Snake has been found in Hawaiian waters.
    The snake was taken to the Waikiki Aquarium, where biologists identified it as a yellow bellied sea snake. They're very rare to Hawaii and venomous. "Usually when they are found in shore like, this they are seriously compromised or sick or dying something is wrong with them, otherwise if they're healthy they would be far, far off shore," said Norton T.M. Chan, Waikiki Aquarium Biologist. This sea snake, measuring just over a foot long, was in bad shape. You can see, it was apparently bitten by a fish or some other sea creature. Officials decided to euthanize it.
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    We used to get similar looking snakes in our lobster traps by the s-load, back in my deep ocean days. Got pretty good at the one-finger whip-out disposals, you tend to forget the potential dangers after so many. Less hassle and disgust than harmless hag fish!

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