I noticed nothing in the recent Star-Ad pronouncement by Abercrombie of his immediate plans/goals for Hawaii that had any hint that of all people, a 'pot acquainted' sitting Govr. might push for the one win-win-win solution to our economic woes. These islands could again have $$$ waving in the breeze, this time in the form of industrial hemp, as the prospective ventures and entrepreneur opportunities are endless. And we have the land/climate/community history to absorb the tech of the past and future to transform these islands into a focused machine like sugar and pineapple once did. It's the eco-boom just waiting to happen for us, just like it could have for Haiti.

Not hearing a hint of true vision in his plans was disappointing, especially after he was so unconvincing while litterally running away from the direct question I posed of his thots on hemps chances, "I'm on it, I have two shirts made of it!", as he vanished.