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Thread: Late city buses

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    Angry Late city buses

    Yesterday morning, I was late to a 7:00 AM mass at St. Joseph Church Waipahu due to a late bus. I have been waiting for the bus since 6:20 AM, but no bus came until 7:00. I would have been on time to the church service had a city bus arrived well before 7:00, e.g., between 6:30 and 6:45. TheBus company needs to do everything in their power to ensure that buses arrive more frequently so that no one is late to an event. Has anyone alse ever been late to an event due to a late bus? I will certainly be praying for an improved and more reliable bus system.

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    I have...well, almost!

    I was waiting for a certain bus that would let me off directly in front of a concert venue in Waikiki...the only bus that stopped at that location. There was supposed to be one every half hour. The concert was at 8p. I waited for the 6:45p bus near the Ilikai. Nothing. Then I waited for the 7:15p bus. And waited.

    And waited some more!

    Finally, at 7:35p I started hailing cabs 'til one stopped. I made it to the concert on time but not without stress! And a few dollars poorer!

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    Post Re: Late city buses

    I know that Oahu has a fairly decent bus service that used to win awards almost yearly. I think the scheduling should be revamped though.
    And it makes sense that a bus may be a little late due to some circumstance, but to completely miss a pick up time and the rider having to wait another 1/2 to whole hour is not acceptable.
    I've had that happen to me also.

    I live in Moi'ili'ili while Mom is in Kailua.
    It takes an hour for me to ride my moped all the way around Hawaii Kai/Waimanalo way to Mom's, while it takes at least 1 1/2 hours on a good day to take the bus over the Pali!

    I am thankful that we have buses to use.
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    Default Unacceptable?

    Try losing yur job because of a minor holiday during the work week with The Bus pointlessly running on their holiday schedule, meaning no busses at some points, like the entire Kaaawa side til 8am, as tho nobody dependant on busses needs to get to work on time those days!
    This pathetic decades old practice by our stupid bus company is way unacceptable Hear me Mr. Morris?!

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    Default Re: Late city buses

    Never had the problem, but I arrive at the bus stop at least 1 hour + bus travel time early, so even when the bus leaves too early I can wait for the next one. It also helps that I'm at the terminal end of all routes in my area.

    What bugs me is that driver changes are done mid-route, so after we wait for the driver's 'break' at the terminus, we still must wait for driver changes further down the road. Start the route, drive it through, please. It's a simple courtesy to passengers.
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    Another fun one is because they are often off schedule they'll make everybody change/combine busses, so you lose your happy seat or as is usually the case with someone that has a bike aboard or the bus gets loaded with twice as many riders - you now get to stand. It's always what is better for The Bus not the paying patron.

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    Have you checked out before you leave your house? Many of the buses have GPS, and this website will tell you which buses are coming to a particular bus stop and when.

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    The Bus sucks if you have an appointment to keep. Twice yesterday I missed my transfer because the bus I was transferring to was early, then because the bus I was transferring from was late. And it was raining. Grrrrrr. Nothing like running after a bus in the wind and rain. Oh, and at one bus stop near Kalihi yesterday (in the rain), I counted 7 busses go by with "not in service" signs before one finally came that was accepting passengers, which then proceeded to ram us down the aisle like canned sardines. Depressing.

    Even when the bus is full, they keep ramming people down the aisle! In Los Angeles years ago a movement was started called the Bus Riders Union. Our thing was "No seat, no fare". I would love to see Hawaii's bus riders unite!

    As far as their website...I have found it to be incorrect lots of times! Calling The Bus is a nice option, but depending on when you call, you could be waiting around for 10 minutes on hold waiting to speak to someone.

    I agree about the weekend/holiday schedule. What a dumb idea! Lets cut service back More when More people wil be bussing around all day?
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