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Thread: Economic panel - Bush fail

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    Default Economic panel - Bush fail

    Not that many of us didn't make the call it as it was happening, but it's bitter-sweet to see a fair minded executive study that came out yesterday lay out the years of W's willful ignorance and sentencing of America to it's utter doom

    What's really funny are the typical turn-our-backs-on-Obama-and-America cons who boycotted the findings meeting, then saying the commission's official 650+ page report was "too simplistic", only to present a whopping 26 pg. 'don't squeeze the Charmin!' report of their own.

    States encouraged to prosecute, but left on their own

    Had Obama not managed the impossible in reversing our economic woes in the face of a nation crushing depression, and doing so in under 2 years(!) while all the cons merely added weights on his shoulders, we would be experiencing widespread panic horrors as never seen in this country.

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    Meh. I have yet to see or feel any positive change on my end.
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    Oh yes you have. We can now see some light at the top of the deep pit el Bush-o put us in. Psychologically, that's a major boost for America.
    The up isn't very noticible for the regular Joe yet, but the biggies know a good thing when they see it and they are all ready to rock again. The down will be with us Joes for a while yet, but minus any number of waiting/surprise disasters we should all be in good shape in another 2 years. That amount of time may not be the most comforting thot unless you consider the major disasters Obama has kept us away from, and those are things you certainly don't want to ever feel. That's the kind of change I like in my pocket, it gives me a new hope that we can again pull out of the tailspin the cons always put us in without voting us right back into the messes per future elections, as has been this country's stupid norm.

    BTW, to be fair, there was blame for more than just Bush, but he had the last 2 terms to do something other than make it much worse.

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    So the regular Joes don't feel it yet, but the big dogs are starting to feel it?

    Sounds like more of the same old story to me. But if you pray at the Church of BO, then He is always good.

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    Poor Tim, you really need to break out of the small world the cons have you trapped in. If you'd kept your feelers up you know the sure-fire signs of an economic recovery, they are nationwide. The only ones not informed of these facts are those who don't want to know it.
    And you really expect everybody to be high rolling this soon after years of being buried so deep? Even during the best of times there are still many hurting. It takes a long time to get back to our former norm of the prosperously insane Clinton years, but in under 2 years Obama has us in much better shape to get there again, nobody has ever seen such an awesome turnaround. Too bad the 'drive-by liberal media' doesn't celebrate any of his success except to dutifully have the daily mention of the economic upswings on their broadcasts. The guy now deserves the equivilent of the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

    Sure I support Obama, just like I guardedly supported A-hole Bush after 9-11 only to watch him squander the golden opportunities for mere partisan political upmanship. Why wouldn't anybody support their president in such trying times and during 2 BS wars?


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