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Thread: Inner body cleansing

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    Default Inner body cleansing

    Been thinking of rehabing my innards and a friend just showed me his new purchase of Thisilyn Cleanse. Checking out net reviews shows mixed results and some caution suggested.
    Anybody tried any off-the-shelf products or done an even more natural method?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
    Been thinking of rehabing my innards?
    Save your money, eat mo' will be wretching either one end or the other!
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    Prunes, dried or fresh, will clean out the intestines. The more you eat... you get the rest....

    There's also a medically-used product, OTC but I forget the name, that will wash you out clean enough for a colonoscopy. Ask your pharmacy; no prescription required.

    If you want to wash out anything else, I don't know.
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    Try a three day fast, only water. Do this every couple of months.

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    Try dis. (Oh come on - you knew SOMEBODY would post it...)

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    So, there's nothing 'special' about it, aren't there toxins in various organs that are eliminated in the process? I don't fall for the 20 year old cornflake that's been stuck up your butt scam, but aren't there some benefits, or is just keeping a good internal flora count more important?
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    The OTC medication I used to take for colonoscopy was Fleet Phospho-soda. But the last time I had a colonoscopy, a couple of years ago, I found out they no longer prescribe the OTC stuff, though I still think it's available OTC.

    Either way, it is just nasty stuff. But I must admit, I do feel very refreshed afterwards.

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    Exclamation Re: Inner body cleansing

    Not sure if it has something to do with the new year or if a bird has been chirping in many ears, but recently I hear a lot of people (friends, acquaintances, web people, news articles) are getting on this push to perform a "cleanse" of some sort. Sadly, when you hear it too much, you start to worry if it's just another trendy fad, or bandwagon hype.

    From a no-$4!+ (pun-intended) scientific and physiological standpoint, the normal human body is always cleansing itself through multiple processes: urination, sweating, bile secretion, intestinal bacteria, skin shedding, etc. Barring any diseases or hereditary problems, having proper hygiene, healthy diets, adequate hydration and exercise is all that is necessary to ensure the cleansing process is a bodily routine.

    Medical articles lean heavier towards the scientific and biological side and claim most "cleanses" are not necessary. Hybrid articles from those who practice holistic and spiritual medicines tend to claim good results, but seldom show medical fact to back up any claims; just accounts of how much better people "feel."

    There are so many different cleanses out there that some of them sound absurd. Not to mention, some of them can be more detrimental to your health than helpful. Cleansing should never be used as a weight-loss alternative. If the method of cleanse involves fasting, or calorie starvation, you actually slow down your metabolism and decrease the efficiency of your body's natural cleansing capabilities. Once you come off this 'diet,' the body will crave the calories and energy that you deprived it, and it will make an effort to store excess. In other words, you put on more pounds faster than you lose it, and keep it on longer. If you don't give yourself essential nutrients (including carbs!), your body starts to go through ketosis since it has to rely on itself for energy. Yes, it'll look for stored fats, but it'll also look for muscle tissue and sometimes bone as well. Your body is its own cannibal if you don't feed it right.

    If the purpose of the cleanse is to make you feel better because the foods you have been eating have made you feel bad (say, a constant diet of fast food?), the easiest way to cleanse is to... not eat the stuff that made you feel that way. Meats and veggies/roughage are the natural way to pass healthy bowels.

    One scary reason why people want to cleanse is to kill off what's inside you. Sounds like a good idea, except for the fact that you really don't want that. Your stomach and intestines need the bacteria that naturally live there in order to properly digest. Flushing your good bacteria out is like removing the protective coating on your pipes. It does more harm than good to your digestion.

    I believe if there's a bodily function that is causing you enough concern to think about alternative eating habits, say colon issues, I'd rather go to a doctor and get a professional opinion and sound medical advice rather than assume a cleanse will provide a quick fix. You never know if the doc actually discovers more serious issues that need attention.

    But when it comes to the cleansing ritual, the important factor is that the body is still getting nutrients. You wouldn't want 4 days of a bad cleansing to turn into 4 weeks of diet and digestive health issues.

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    Thanx for the full monty reply! That's were I've been with it all along, and since I feel fine there's no need to risk anything or spend time/$ on it.

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    There's one bit of trash cleaned out, right there! Keep up the good work.
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