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Thread: Old whaling ship found and whales

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    Post Old whaling ship found and whales

    1800s whaling ship found in isle waters

    It must have been a dark, dark night at sea, 188 years ago today.

    The whaling ship Two Brothers, with captain George Pollard Jr. in command, was running briskly before the wind when it suddenly slammed against something in the water. Caught in the teeth of a low reef, Two Brothers ripped in half and sank in moments.

    This morning, the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are announcing the discovery of the Two Brothers shipwreck, just a dozen feet down at French Frigate Shoals in the long string of atolls between Hawaii and Midway.

    Really neat stuff and watch the video in link too!
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    Default Re: In the news... in Hawaii!

    Interesting stuff, MM.

    And here is another factoid. There is a place in mid-Baja California on the Pacific coast called Scammon"s Lagoon, where California gray whales and humpbacks come to give birth every fall/winter. The mexican town at Scammon's Lagoon is called Guerrero Negro which translates to "Black Warrior." Well, that is an odd name!

    Here is the rest of the story! In the mid 1800's, a black hulled whaling ship from Hawaii, crewed by mostly Hawaiians came to Scammon's to harvest whales when they were most vulnerable. A hurricane blew in and the ship sank in Scammon's Lagoon. The name of the ship? "Black Warrior!"

    (We stay at the Cowboy Motel in Guerrero Negro about 4 times a year on our trips up and down the Baja. In fact, I have made postings to HT from the wifi at Cowboy Motel on occassion!)
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    On the topic of whales, whales used to inhabit San Diego Bay, it was said that in the early days they were so thick in the bay you could walk from San Diego to Coronado on their backs. They moved south as civilization moved in. Once, a friend and I were having a lunch on a fishing pier on the Bay, and a whale surfaced about 50 yards out. "Look! A Whale", I shouted. And by the time anybody looked it had smoothly gone back under the surface leaving no wake, no sign at all that it had been there. People gave me that look, the oh another crazy one look.

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    Thanks for posting that, Menehune Man! I love reading about whaling ships and the fact that one was found from 188 years ago is just all the more intriguing. I bookmarked the link so I can watch later.
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