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Thread: Delicious duckfat mayonnaise

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    Default Delicious duckfat mayonnaise

    Two eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper, a splash of red wine vinegar, a huge spoonful of Dijon mustard, a biggish garlic clove, and a handful of freeze-dried mixed salad herbs (the jat is marked, 'garlic, chives, parsley, shallots'.

    I put all that into a big jar and mixed it with a stick blender while adding the somewhat liquid fat from a pot of confit de canard. it 'mayoed' up beautifully and I left it til this morning to eat...the flavours had mellowed together and so maybe it was a bit garlicky, but the taste of the confit was right there, delicious.

    We ate it for lunch on sandwiches of wholewheat bread, hard boiled eg and, mixed salad greens (lamb's lettuce, chicory, batavia, raddicio). It might have been nicer with a slice or two of tomato, but as they're out of season, I don't like paying high prices for the ones that are available from the other side of the earth.
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    Next....bacon mayonnaise!

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    Default mmmmmmmmmm!

    Portions vary once past the equator...
    a splash of wine - sounds like about 1/8 cup, less?
    huge spoonful - heaping t or T?

    What's a stick blender?
    Where can duck fat easily be found outside of Europe?
    They have hanging roast duck w/dripping fat in Chinatown, but asking would probably just get me chased out with a cleaver and excited words I don't understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
    What's a stick blender?[...]
    It's a very handy, small appliance.

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    Thanx, I always wondered what those were called. I'm glad the answer wasn't a wooden spoon!

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    A stick blender is also called an "immersion blender." I have a Cuisinart. Indispensable to puree, smoothing out gravies, etc.

    Unless you render your own duck fat, it can be purchased either online or in some stores here (check out a gourmet store like Williams-Sonoma).

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    Very good, thanx, I'll look them up. That's easier than squeezing a duck!

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    You guys make me laugh!

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    Jesus. I love you, Susie.

    Every Friday, we do pappas frito de pato... Fries in duck fat, this is the most natural side! Thanks for sharing, though I may call it a Canard Aioli.

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    Holy cow this sounds delicious! I'm going to try it with some chicken fat as that is what I have laying around, once I mow through some leftovers at least.
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