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    I think itís time for a plug for a foreign language film (remember when these were more readily available?). In this case, the film is from Korea--Poetry, directed by Lee Chang-Dong. I saw this over the weekend at the Kahala Mall cineplex. This is an absolutely stunning film. The writing is superb (it was awarded Best Screenplay at Cannes last year). The performance of Jeong-hie Yun as the 66 year-old Mija is astonishing. This was one of the best films Iíve seen in a long time. It has been well-reviewed at Rotten Tomatoes (100% rating), and also at Ebert Presents at the Movies.

    Having said all this, I have to say this film probably isnít for everyone. This is definitely not a Hollywood type film. It has no special effects (zilch!). There are no explosions. There is no decapitation, no gory blood-letting, no bullet in the head. Furthermore, there is no music (which is unusual, but here, it is used to good effect). This is not a ďfeel goodĒ movie (in fact, it is quite devastating). It is a long film (2 hours and 20 minutes, though I was so mesmerized by the story, I did not notice how long it was). And it has subtitles (really, this is the only way to go for a foreign language film).

    But, if you appreciate good movies, truly good movies, movies that make you think (and feel), and you donít mind subtitles, I highly recommend this small masterpiece.

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    I've been wanting to see this, but will probably wait until it's on DVD. I just can't stand that theater. Looking forward to comparing notes with you, though.
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