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Thread: Cataract surgery

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    Default Cataract surgery

    My mom is thinking about cataract surgery. I read all about it. However, I don't know anyone who had it done. I guess she is just concern about taking your own lens out and putting in a fake one. That kind of sums it up. I know this is common now, but still have worries. But she insist she can see fine. I know. But maybe this will make her see it even more better.

    Tell me something. Anything.

    Are you glad you had it done?

    Is normal care kind of difficult?

    Can you tell me % of improvement in your opinion?

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    Default Re: Cataract surgery

    My dad had cataract surgery in 1991. Technology was great then and I can only imagine it's even better now. I watched his surgery on a monitor in the waiting room and I took him home an hour or so after it was over. I remember thinking...I want whatever the doc gave him! I had a funny dad to begin with but he was on a total roll 'til the meds wore off!

    He could see a difference in his vision that afternoon. The next day was even better. Hardly any recovery time.

    No regrets.

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    Default Re: Cataract surgery

    I've had cataract surgery twice, about two years apart. Each one went like a breeze. I went from hardly being able to see clearly to seeing almost as well as when I was in my 20's. I used to have 20-15 vision, now I have 20-20.
    The only downside is that I now need glasses for reading; artificial lenses do not focus (yet).

    My Dr. said that my cataracts were likely caused by overexposure to the sun, so, you young'uns in sunny climates remember to always wear your sunglasses when you go outside!

    The surgery was very easy and recovery is quick.
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    Default Re: Cataract surgery

    I had cataract surgery a little over a year ago, both eyes. I was worried about having it. Just the thought of having my eyes sliced open (and being aware of it ) filled me with dread. But after it was done, my vision was 20/20. I canít even remember the last time I was 20/20.

    My left eye was the first to be operated on. That went very well. I didnít feel a thing. When the bandage was removed the next day, the world was super bright, halo around everything, but not as sharp as I though it would be. But every day after that, it just became better and better. The halo went away, everything became sharper.

    As for my right eye, that did not go as well at the beginning, but in the end my right eye turned out even better than my left. A week before the second operation, I came down with a sinus infection. My doctor would not proceed with the operation since the sinus is just behind the eyes, which meant the operated eye could possibly get infected (definitely not good). So I had to wait another two or three weeks before my second operation. This time, however, I could feel them operating on my eye. The anesthesia was not 100 percent, but I remained still until it was done. When the bandage was removed, it was noticeably blurry, and I became concerned, but like the first time, my vision soon improved until my right eye was even better than my left. When they tested my vision, I was 20/20. I do have to wear reading glasses, but it is a far better arrangement than when I wore contacts. And it seems that my vision, even now, keeps getting better and better.

    As noted above, you have to allow your new eyes time to adjust. Some people adjust almost immediately, others take a while. I think I was one of the slower adjusters, but adjust I did. I'm glad I had the operation.

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